Tencel is one of the most sustainable fibres available; the 100% Biobased fibre is created using Eucalyptus, and Spruce trees are harvested responsibly. 

The trees are debarked and converted into chips. The chips produce cellulose using an organic solvent to create a pulp used to produce a fibre that is spun into yarn to produce this ribbon.   100% of the tree is used, 40% becoming pulp, 50% being burnt for energy, and 10% being used in other processes. 99% of the water and solvent are recovered and reused.

The Tencel fibre has been certified by the Belgium certification company Vinçotte as biodegradable and compostable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions, thus can fully revert to nature.

Tencel Ribbons by Personalised Printed Ribbons.