Top Image for Plains Colour Ribbons

Rolls of plain ribbons, Narrow and Wide ribbons for every type of gift wrapping.  Hamper Ribbons, Door Ribbons, and Christmas Tree Ribbons. Our ribbons can also be printed here.

Rolls of ribbons are perfect for grand openings, craft projects, gift wrapping and events. Our plain colour ribbons start from just 5mm curling wide, slightly wider ribbons of 7mm satin wide are ideal for small projects with the plain satin 10mm wide ribbon and 15mm wide perfect for favour boxes. The satin 25mm wide ribbons and the 48mm wide satin are often used for more significant gift wrapping, such as hampers, and the plain poly ribbons 50mm wide are ideal for wedding cars. The wider ribbons, such as the 100mm wide satin ribbon, are ideal for a grand opening, and the super extra wide 290mm satin ribbon is perfect for building wrapping and large-scale gift wrapping such as wide ribbons for cars. ,