Bows For Gift-Wrapping, New Cars, Doors & Buildings.

Shoelace Big Padded Car Bow For New CarsExplore our extensive range of custom bows, perfect for gift wrapping, new cars, and grand openings. Available in various styles and colours, our handcrafted bows add a special touch to any occasion. Choose from small, medium, large, and giant bows, including eco-friendly options. Enjoy bulk discounts, next-day delivery, and exceptional quality.

Need a big ribbon bow for a new car or a big bow for an exhibition or a bow for a car showroom? Our giant bows are available in many different bow styles and big bow colours from our big bow store in Essex. Our big bows can be used on new cars, or are great bows for large gifts, parcels or presents, the large bows are ideal for attaching a wow factor to any special event or birthday. Our Giant Bows are professionally handcrafted and custom made to your own colour choices from a large slection of materials and styles. Our Pom Pom Bows are made using high quality rain resistant florist poly ribbon so are perfectfor indoor & outdoor use. Our Big Bows are the perfect big Bbw for any large gifts including Cars, Motorbikes or Push Bikes, attach to Scooters, Mopeds and Caravans, we love to see the big bows on new Boats, Trampolines and Climbing Frames for the children, we've also supplied big bows for new Slides, Dolls Houses, Play houses for individuals and nurseries and for Christmas or Electrical showrooms the big bows look wonderful on Large Screen TV's and Surround Sound systems.Many time sour big bows are used for TV Commercials, in shopping centres and to decorate venues for big parties or weddings. - recently our big bows were used for a party conference and also to decorate a corporate event. Our Big Bows are created for New Homes, Wrapping of buildings, and as our big bows arrive READY TO USE it's as easy as opening the box and attaching the bow to your item. Many of our bows include wrapping material if not just ask and we can see what we can do.