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Where to buy a big ribbon and bow for a new car in the UK? Our big car bows are made in the UK, our car bows for new cars are a perfect large bow for special gift. We are a big bow company that creates beautiful big car bows using beautiful ribbons, foams, vinyl, foils & card, giving you a giant big bow ideal for new cars and large presents. These big car bows made in the UK are brilliant for car showrooms or a special promotions. Each big bow for your car is made so the large bow will arrive ready to use, no construction required, with complimentary ribbon tails to hang across your car. Each big bow will include 2 smaller ribbon ties on the reverse to attach the bow to your car or magnets. These big car bows are great king-size bows for cars, need a big Christmas bow for a car, then this is the big bow for you. We can custom build a big bow just for you, if you can't see the big bow you need then please call us for further options. 01277 224622