Christmas Wrapping Trends Review 2023 and Predictions for 2024

Ribbon Prints for 2024

chistmas printed ribbon trends for 2024As Personalised Printed Ribbons reflect on the festive season 2023 and look ahead to Christmas 2024, it’s clear that gift-wrapping trends are evolving. Last year saw a blend of personalisation, sustainability, and thematic styles, likely to influence the trends for 2024. For businesses planning for the next festive season, these insights can be pivotal in enhancing their gift presentation.

Personalised Printed Ribbon Trends from Christmas 2023

  1. Personalised Wrapping: 2023 embraced personal touches in gift wrapping. Custom-printed wrapping papers featuring memorable photos, quotes, or jokes were popular, offering a unique way to make gifts stand out. Photo tags and labels and initial stamped gift tags added sophistication and personal connection before the gift was unwrapped.  Printed Ribbons played an essential part in this personal touch. Personalised printed ribbons printed ribbons with logos, photographs, and romantic quotes for the wedding season.
  2. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options: There was a significant shift towards sustainability printed ribbons.  Reusable fabric wraps inspired by the Japanese ‘Furoshiki’ and recycled brown paper paired with twine. Natural adornments like pinecones, dried oranges, and cinnamon sticks added a biodegradable yet sensory appeal to the gifts, influencing printed ribbon colour choices. Personalised Printed Ribbons saw a two-fold increase in muted shades with natural designs.
  3. Thematic and Creative Styles: Vintage looks with lace and personalised printed ribbons, rustic vibes with burlap and greenery, and festive glitz with metallics and sparkles were in vogue. The idea was to create themed wrapping that resonated with the recipient’s personality or the giver’s message.  Personalised Printed Ribbons saw our Rose Gold metallic print to prove to be very popular in 2023, through each season.
  4. DIY and Handmade Elements: There was a focus on hand-painted wrapping papers and DIY animal gift wraps, especially for children. Incorporating organic decorations like pine leaves and dried flowers was also common.  Personalised printed ribbons were printed in 2023 with handwriting or hand-drawn elements, especially in calligraphy fonts.

Personalised Printed Ribbon Predicted Trends for Christmas 2024

Looking ahead, several trends from 2023 are expected to continue, but Personalised Printed Ribbons predicts some new elements emerging for 2024:

  1. Continued Emphasis on Personalisation and Luxury: Hand-painted wrapping papers and velvet ribbons are expected to remain popular, offering a luxurious and personalised touch to gift wrapping. Using gold and silver foiled printed ribbons with foiled gift tags could add a glamorous touch.  We have a designated area for metallic foil printing on ribbons.
  2. Sustainable Luxury: Eco-friendly luxury printed ribbons are anticipated to be a significant trend. Wrapping materials that are earth-friendly and high-quality will likely increase in popularity, reflecting a growing consumer interest in sustainability without compromising style.  Our new ribbon of recycled plastic bottles will feature heavily in our plans for 2024.
  3. Unconventional Colour Palettes: In 2023, we saw a departure from traditional red and green to more unconventional colours like teal, lime green, fuchsia, and yellow. This trend is likely to continue into 2024, with Pantone’s colour of the year influencing the choice of wrapping materials.
  4. Year-Round Décor and Alternative Christmas Trees: The concept of versatile décor that can be used throughout the year and alternative Christmas trees, like foraged branch arrangements or sustainable tree rentals, might influence the wrapping styles to be more adaptable and less traditionally festive.   Maybe you saw the Christmas Trees decorated with our bows in Selfridges London?

Ribbon Prints for 2024For businesses, especially larger ones that start planning for Christmas as early as January, these insights are invaluable. With orders often placed in the summer for holiday campaigns, understanding these trends can help craft an effective and appealing festive strategy. As a company offering personalised printed ribbons, it’s essential to align with these trends, offering small runs of 5m printed ribbons to assist customers in their festive preparations. The focus on sustainable options aligns with the predicted continuation of eco-friendly gift wrapping in 2024.

Remember, the way a gift is wrapped can be as impactful as the gift itself, and staying ahead of these trends can significantly enhance your brand’s appeal during the festive season.

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