The Splendid Bows of Selfridges: A Festive Collaboration

Bows Used At Selfridges

Crafting the Spirit of Christmas with Selfridges London

The Christmas windows and store displays at Selfridges have always been a spectacle of glamour and festivity, a tradition that transforms shopping into a wondrous experience. This year, the enchantment reaches new heights with the addition of luxurious fabric bows, adorning their window displays in a cascade of colour and splendour. We are thrilled to supply Selfridges with our red padded bows, bringing our signature bows to the forefront of their festive celebrations.

The Origin of Elegance – Where Did Selfridges Get Their Fabric Bows?

Our journey began in 2007 with a simple yet passionate goal: to create fabric bows that capture the heart of celebration. Over the years, our small workshop has become a bustling hub of creativity and craftsmanship, threading joy into each bow we craft. This dedication to excellence caught the eye of Selfridges’ visual team, seeking to adorn their iconic Oxford Street windows with something extraordinary.

The oversized, rich-hued bows are more than mere decorations; they are a testament to the magic of the season, bringing stories to life in the heart of London.

Crafting Quality – Behind the Bows: A Tale of Craftsmanship and Quality

Each bow begins as a concept, born from inspiration and the desire to delight. Our artisans, with skilled hands and an eye for beauty, transform high-quality fabric into plush, padded bows that exude luxury. Attention to detail is paramount; each fold and each crease is executed precisely, ensuring that the bows are symbols of quality and grandeur.

The softness of the fabric, the vibrancy of the colours, and the substantial feel of the bows set them apart from ordinary decorations. They are crafted to look sumptuous and withstand the season’s flurry, maintaining their beauty throughout the festivities and beyond.

Colourful Versatility – A Spectrum of Choices: 100 Colors, Countless Sizes

Our palette of colour options is as diverse as the events we cater to, offering a choice of over 100 colours to match any theme. Whether it’s the classic reds used by Selfridges and greens of Christmas, the pastels of spring, or the bold shades of a brand launch, we have the colour spectrums covered. And bow size is no constraint; our bows are crafted to fit any space, from intimate shop corners to grand atriums.

By offering such a range, we ensure that each client’s vision is met and exceeded, providing a bespoke experience as unique as the occasion it celebrates.

Beyond Christmas – From Seasonal to Sensational: Bows for Every Occasion

While Christmas at Selfridges is a highlight, the utility of our fabric bows extends to all manner of events and promotions. From product launches to gala events, our team is poised to bring a touch of elegance and flair to your occasion. We understand the power of presentation and its role in creating memorable experiences.

Our readiness to adapt and innovate makes us the ideal partner for businesses, promotional agencies, and event planners seeking to leave a lasting impression. Our commitment is to your vision, bringing it to life with bows as versatile as they are stunning.

Join the Festivities – How to Get Your Fabric Bows

As the Christmas season approaches, we invite you to bring a piece of the Selfridges wonder to your events. Our team is ready to provide fabric bows that resonate with quality, luxury, and the joy of celebration. Whether you are planning for Christmas or any other event, we can meet high-volume orders and a spectrum of customisation options.

To place your order or inquire about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website. Let us be a part of your next spectacular event, adorning your space with the beauty and elegance of our fabric bows.

Crafting the Spirit of Christmas with Selfridges London