The Psychology of Colour in Printed Ribbons

The Psychology of Colour in Printed Ribbons

The Psychology of Colour in Printed Ribbons – How to Choose Your Ribbon & Print Colours

Choosing the right colour for your printed ribbons can be as crucial as the event or the branding itself. Since 2007, we have been at the forefront of understanding how colours on ribbons can convey a silent yet powerful message. Colours hold the potential to influence perception and behaviour, making your choice paramount to the message you want to impart. Here’s how each colour can play a pivotal role in your business communication through ribbons:

Red Printed Ribbons: The Voice of Passion

15mm red printed ribbon

  • Action, Ambition, Attention: Red is the colour that commands notice. It’s the hue of energy and passion, often used to signal importance and capture attention quickly.
  • Power, Strength, Urgency: Perfect for grand openings, sales, and essential celebrations where you want the sentiments of strength and urgency to be felt.








Orange Printed Ribbons: The Burst of Creativity

  • Activity, Creativity, Confidence: Orange blends the enthusiasm of red with the cheerfulness of yellow, ideal for brands that boast of creativity and innovation.
  • Warmth, Youthfulness: Use orange to present a friendly, approachable, and energetic brand image.





Yellow Printed Ribbons: The Emblem of Optimism

  • Cheerful, Energy, Friendliness: Yellow is synonymous with sunshine – it represents happiness and is excellent for brands that want to exude a friendly and inviting atmosphere.
  • Positivity, Warmth, Youthfulness: Ideal for in-store promotions, product launches, and events to create a joyful and welcoming environment.






Green Printed Ribbons: The Essence of Growth

  • Balance, Fresh, Growth: Green is the colour of nature, suggesting a message of renewal and growth, suitable for brands that stand for organic and natural products.
  • Health, Prosperity, Wealth: It’s also the colour of money, making it a great choice for financial services and corporate events.








Blue Printed Ribbons: The Whisper of Trust

Cornflower Blue Ribbons Printed in White For Christmas Gift Boxes

  • Calming, Clean, Conservative: Blue inspires confidence and trust, making it a popular choice for corporate and commemorative events.
  • Integrity, Security, Trust: It’s the ideal ribbon colour for industries such as finance, healthcare, and technology, where trust is paramount.








Turquoise Printed Ribbons: The Spirit of Serenity

Bright White Logo Printed Ribbon

  • Healing, Imagination, Peace: Turquoise signifies protection and healing and is suitable for health and wellness brands.
  • Sophisticated, Spiritual, Wisdom: This colour makes a statement of sophisticated serenity when used in branding and events.













Pink Printed Ribbons: The Gentle Touch of Compassion

Pink Logo Printed Ribbon

  • Affection, Compassion, Feminine: Pink is often associated with femininity and is perfect for Mother’s Day, women’s health causes, and events targeting a female demographic.
  • Playful, Romance, Softness: It lends a soft, playful, and tender vibe to the occasion.












Purple Printed Ribbons: The Crown of Luxury

Metallic Print Logos & Text On Ribbon

  • Ambition, Creative, Luxury: Purple is the colour of royalty and luxury, ideal for exclusive events and premium branding.
  • Mystical, Royalty, Wisdom: It suggests nobility and sophistication, often chosen by educational and luxury brands.













Brown Printed Ribbons: The Solid Foundation

Custom Ribbon

  • Approachable, Comfortable, Organic: Brown ribbons are often associated with reliability and comfort, and they are best for brands that value tradition and stability.
  • Security, Strength, Warmth: They convey an earthy, grounded feeling, suitable for artisanal and craft-oriented businesses.



















Gold Printed Ribbons: The Lustre of Success

White Logo Printed Ribbon

  • Bling, Luxurious, Prestigious: Gold denotes wealth and success, perfect for celebratory events, anniversaries, and high-end product packaging.
  • Prosperity, Radiant, Wealth: It radiates a warm, prestigious feeling, often used in awards and recognition events.














Grey Printed Ribbons: The Balance of Professionalism

Silver Grey Logo Printed Ribbon

  • Calm, Mature, Reliable: Grey is the colour of neutrality and balance, chosen for its professional, timeless appeal.
  • Minimal, Sleek, Stability: It works well for corporate events and situations requiring an understated elegance.








Black Printed Ribbons: The Definition of Sophistication

Black Logo Printed Ribbon

  • Classy, Dramatic, Elegance: Black ribbons symbolise sophistication and are excellent for gala events and product launches and as a backdrop for other colours to pop.
  • Exclusivity, Mystery, Protection: It provides a powerful statement for luxury branding and high-profile events.

The colour of your printed ribbon can deeply influence the perception and interaction your audience has with your brand or event. As experts in the field, we understand the subtleties of colour psychology and its impact on ribbon printing. Trust us to guide you in selecting the perfect hue that aligns with your business’s values, message, and audience’s expectations. Whether your business is large or small, your choice of ribbon


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