Buy Big 2 Colour Bows

2 Colour Bows – Mix & Match the colours to coordinate with your corporate or brand colours.  Personalised Printed Ribbons, Making Bows Since 2007

40+ Colours
£20.00 Exc VAT
£25.00 Exc VAT
£29.17 Exc VAT

We make our bows in-house here in the UK, so we can make your big bow in the exact colour combinations you need for your business or your favourite colours. Our big bows are made using a showerproof ribbon, so they are suitable for indoor or temporary outdoor use. The big car bows arrive with tails to decorate your car. The big bows also arrive ready to use; there is no need to construct anything when trying to keep a big secret on the drive or garage! Extra ribbons are also available to buy.