Bespoke Ribbon Colours – Dyed to Match – Custom Colours

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We offer colour matching for ribbon; match your brand colours to your gift-wrapping ribbons.


  • Custom Coloured Ribbons For Gift Wrapping
  • Sublimination method – minimum order 50m
  • We can offer a custom colour ribbon to match your brand colours.
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Custom Color Matching with Precision

Minimum Order Quantity: 5,000 meters.

Through the advanced capabilities of the Spectrometer, we pride ourselves on achieving impeccable colour accuracy for your ribbons. We aim for a colour match within a commercial tolerance of just 1.2 dE.

To get started:

  1. Sending Your Sample: Provide us with a colour sample, ensuring it’s a plain base without any prints or coatings. The sample should measure at least 100mm x 100mm. Based on this, we’ll demonstrate the precision we can bring to your ribbon.
  2. Reviewing the Dyed Sample: Once we’ve dyed a ribbon to match your sample, we’ll provide it for your consideration. If you’re eager to see a custom-dyed ribbon firsthand, samples can be ordered Here.
  3. File Retention for Easy Reordering: We retain the specific colour reference on file for three years. This ensures that reordering in the future is seamless and consistent with your original shade.
  4. Adjustments and Revisions: If you wish to adjust or modify the colour after reviewing it, we’re here to help. Please note that a new sample will be crafted, and an additional sample charge will apply.

Our commitment is to ensure that your ribbon colour is as true to your vision as possible, combining our technical expertise with a personalised touch.

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