Free Grand Opening Event Guide For Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

Grand Opening Ceremony Event Guide

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To organise a successful Grand Opening and ribbon cutting ceremony takes skill and patience to bring everything together, we have brought this Grand opening information together to help you organise a brilliant grand opening event.

Decide who’s in charge of your Grand Opening – perhaps its you !

Delegate responsibilities – A contact for RSVP’s, Who will ‘say a few words’ at the Grand Opening event, Greeters to show your guests the way, a VIP Ceremonial co-coordinator, Tour guides of your new Grand Opening facility and also a team to clean up

Budget – Establish the Grand Opening budget, remember ordering items early always saves money on  postage etc

Plan the Grand Opening days activities

Select a date and time for your grand opening, and think about the weather – should you have a reserve day or can you provide cover from the rain?

Book the professionals – Caterers, Photographers, Local Press, Florist, Entertainment and musicians, Sound systems

Room Layout – think about tables and chairs, stanchions, podium etc, organise tablecovers, napkins, crockery and cutlery.

Ribbons & Scissors – Do you want your ribbon printed? Order large ceremonial scissors for the day?

Stanchions & Bows – Make your day look truly professional with brightly coloured bows and stanchions to attach your cutting ribbon to.

Prepare a press release

Organise any visual aids for the speaker

Organise printed balloons, balloon nets and helium.

Consider a red carpet for your VIP’s

Consider a gift for your guests with a small memento? Perhaps personalised chocolate, or wrap your gift withpersonalised ribbon to make it extra special

Don’t forget to send the thank you’s to all those who helped you. 🙂