Kings Coronation, Union Jack Printed Ribbons – Eco-Friendly Ribbons by Personalised Printed Ribbons.

Are you looking for the perfect ribbon to add British flair to your gift wrapping for the upcoming coronation celebration? Our collection of Kings Coronation ribbons, Union Jack ribbons, and Iconic London Landmarks ribbons are the ideal options.

Our Kings Coronation ribbons are a classic representation of the regal occasion, featuring traditional scarlet red and black uniforms and iconic bearskin helmets. Our Union Jack ribbons showcase the beloved flag’s red, white, and blue and are perfect for adding patriotism to your gift wrapping. Our Iconic London landmark ribbons feature some of the city’s most famous symbols, such as black cabs, Victoria sponge cakes, Union Jack umbrellas, crowns, cups of tea, and red post boxes, for a fun and modern take on British iconography.

Our ribbons are made in the UK from recycled plastic bottles spun into yarn and woven into beautiful, sustainable ribbons. Each roll measures 25mm wide by 20m long, providing plenty of ribbon for your gift-wrapping needs. They are perfect for tying around the top of a cellophane basket bag to add colour and enhance your gift hamper.