Custom Colour Ribbon Sample

£125.00 Exc VAT

  • Using a special machine called a Spectrometer we can aim to colour match your ribbon within a commercial tolerance of 1.2dE.   Send us a sample, a plain base, not printed or overlaid with coating,  of your colour – minimum size 100mm x 100mm and we will share with you what we can achieve.
  • Please send your swatch to Attn – Bespoke, Personalised Printed Ribbons, 8 Hurstwood Avenue, Brentwood, Essex CM159HT
  • The sample will be dyed and supplied for you to consider.
  • We will keep the colour reference on file for 3 years to enable you to reorder when necessary. If you wish to amend or change the colour of the sample produced, then a new sample will be created and another sample charge will apply.
  • More information can be found here